In 2007, Kelsey began pursuing her dream of becoming an archaeologist at the University of Liverpool. It was there that she also discovered her love of music and songwriting, and after completing her first album and two degrees in archaeology, and traveling (and digging!) in various countries, she has decided to put the books down and focus solely on her music career.  Her first album The Reading Room was released at the beginning of 2011, and shortly after that, Kelsey was picked up by Winogradsky and Sobel Music Publishing in LA.

Since she started writing music, Kelsey has performed solo in various locations around England and the northwest US. She also had a stint as a member of the UK band The Ragamuffins from 2009-2010, performing with them at the Snowbombing music festival in the Austrian Alps, and at multiple festivals and gigs around England. She currently resides in Portland, OR, with frequent trips across the pond to England.

Kelsey is now in the middle of working on her second album, The Old Way Home, which contains music influenced by recent life experiences, and musings on cross-Atlantic relationships.



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