Art competition

Example of previous artwork (by Brian Keeble for The Reading Room)

As the new cd is being worked on, it’s time to start thinking about album artwork! I’ve already decided on a cover (courtesy of Katie Veno), but the rest of the booklet still needs work – that’s where you come in!

I’ll be posting snippets of the new songs, and you create a piece of art based on your interpretation of the song. It can be through any medium (paint, photo, dance, etc.), and you can create pieces for as many or as few songs as you wish.  (If you submit something other than a photograph/painting, then we can take an image or still of your project to put into the album if you win.) Original art only, please!

Gallery: All your submissions will be published on this website on the art gallery page, as well as on the Kelsey Lindstrom Music Facebook page.

Perks: Everyone who submits a piece of art will receive a free cd before the official release date, and the winners will have their art published in the album booklet!

Submissions: Send your piece(s) and the song title you’re creating it for to this email:

Deadline: TBA

Have fun creating!


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