Goodbye Summer

Hello autumn!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here – I had a busy summer, with work and recording and travel.  I’m going to miss the sun, but I’m excited for the next couple months! The album is coming along well, albeit slowly, but I’m giving myself time to try to do things right! I’ll be coming out with some more sneak peeks soon, so stay posted 🙂

I’ve also got a few shows coming up, and I will be starting to perform with other musicians which will be fantastic…I can’t wait!

October 13, Saturday @ 7:30 at Niche Wine and Art

October 20, Saturday @ 8:00 at Mt. Tabor Theatre w/ Sean Gaskell

November 9, Friday at Mt. Tabor Theatre (time TBA)

November 30, Friday at Mt. Tabor Theatre w/ Will Coca (time TBA)

Have a great rest of the month, and try to stay dry!



New song preview

Here’s a little something I’ve recorded recently…still a work in progress, but I wanted to let you in on what I’ve been working on.  There are a couple dreamy songs on the album, but this one definitely takes the cake. 🙂

Crossroads: Recording the piano

On February 16th and 17th, 2012, I had the amazing opportunity to record the piano tracks for the entire new album at Crossroads Productions’ studio in Vancouver, WA.  As wonderful as my producer made the first album sound, recording piano on a little Roland keyboard doesn’t have quite the same effect as recording on a 9-ft. Steinway D.

The incredibly talented Randy Rollofson also came in on Friday to lay down drum tracks for a few songs, and a big thanks to Nick Moon for all the hard work that’s involved in capturing every note that emanates from such a beautiful instrument.

Randy Rollofson also came in to record drums – wonderful musician!

Producer Hal Lindstrom and sound engineer extraordinaire Nick Moon

New website!

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided to start a new page dedicated to the progress of my new album… I’ll be updating regularly with photos, videos, and sneak peeks of what I’m working on, as well as information about shows and ultimately, an album release party!

Thank you all for your support, and here’s to the beginning of going the old way home.


Kelsey xx